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Sanam Jung is a Pakistani VJ, model and actress who has been in several television series so far and also hosts the popular morning show Jago Pakistan Jago on Hum TV. By attempting the following quiz, you will be able to learn about various aspects of Sanam Jungs life and career.

Sanam Jung

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1. Sanam Jung was born on:

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2. She hosts the Hum TV's morning show __________.

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3. Sanam has appeared in which one of these Films?

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4. Sanam Jung holds a ________ degree.

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5. Sanam Jung has also worked as host on GEO TV’s show ________.

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6. The actress has not appeared in which one of these TV Dramas?

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7. Sanam has worked as a _________ prior to coming into showbiz industry.

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8. She made her acting debut with TV show __________.

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9. Sanam Jung was born in which city of Pakistan?

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10. Sanam Jung started her career as a ______.

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