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Reham Khan is a British Pakistani journalist who apart from her professional career is widely famous for being the second wife of Pakistani politician Imran Khan. Attempt the following quiz in order to see that how much you actually know about her.

Reham Khan

Reham Khan Biography life Facts info Online Quiz Mcqs


1. Reham khan has _______ children.

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2. Reham Khan is married to ________.

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3. Reham Khan is working on a upcoming Pakistani film as producer titled _________.

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4. Reham Khan married Imran Khan on ___________ 2015.

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5. Her first marriage took place at the age of:

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6. Reham Khan worked at ________ as broadcast journalist.

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7. Reham Khan was born on:

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8. Reham Khan’s ex-husband name is _________.

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9. Reham Khan was born in which city of Libya?

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10. Reham Khan currently hosts talk show The Reham Khan Show on _______.

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