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Mahira Khan is a Pakistani actress who first rose to fame through her performances in hit film Bol and one of the most watched drama of Pakistani TV history, Humsafar. Now all the fans of the actress can attempt the following quiz in order to check that how much the actually know about her personal life and professional career.

Mahira Khan

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1. Mahira Khan appeared in the drama serial “Hamsafar” opposite to ______.

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2. Mahira Khan was born in which city of Pakistan?

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3. She started her professional career at the age of:

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4. Mahira Khan was born on:

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5. Khan hosted the live show ________ three days a week on MTV Pakistan.

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6. Mahira Khan will appear in which Bollywood film?

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7. Mahira started her professional career as a _______ .

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8. Mahira Khan is a fan of which Bollywood actress?

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9. In her movie Raees, Mahira will star opposite:

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10. Mahira Khan made her film debut with ________.

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