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Ayyan Ali is one of the top models of Pakistan fashion industry and has also successfully entered into the fields of singing and acting now. Take the online quiz about her life and career given below in order to learn more about Ayyan.

Ayyan Ali

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1. Ayyan Ali was born on:

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2. In 2014, it was announced that Ali would participate in which one of the following pageants to represent Pakistan.

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3. Ayyan Ali started her career as a _________ at age of sixteen.

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4. The Pakistan Airport Security Force arrested Ayyan Ali and charged her with _________.

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5. Her first song was released in:

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6. Which one of these is the Debut song of Ayyan?

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7. The supermodel also donned a scarf for the ________ hijab campaign.

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8. Ayyan started modeling in:

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9. Ayyan Ali was born in which city ?

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10. Ayyan Ali was awarded the title of Calvin Klein ____________ 2010.

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