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Best known for her performance as Khoobsurat in television series Bulbulay, Ayesha Omer is a Pakistani model, singer and actress. Given below is a free online test that includes mcq’s questions about her both professional and personal life.

Ayesha Omer

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1. On which TV channel Ayesha Omer worked as a morning show host named Yeh Waqt Hai Mera?

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2. She released her debut album Chalte Chalte in:

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3. The actress has not appeared in which one of the following films?

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4. Ayesha Omer was born in which city of Pakistan?

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5. Ayesha Omer is known for her role as Khoobsurat in ________.

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6. Ayesha Omer started her career as a ________.

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7. Ayesha Omer was born on:

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8. Ayesha Omer made her film debut in 2011 with:

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