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Attempt the following quiz in order to know that how much you actually know about the Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar’s personal life and professional career. The test includes mcq’s questions to make things more interesting and easy.

Ali Zafar

Check your knowledge about Ali Zafar Biography, life Facts and Career


1. Ali Zafar made his acting debut with film:

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2. Ali Zafar was born in which city of Pakistan?

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3. Ali Zafar made his debut as a musician with the album ___________.

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4. How many children does Ali Zafar has?

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5. Prior to gaining success as a singer, Ali used to work as a:

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6. Ali Zafar was born on:

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7. His song "Dekha" was featured in which Hollywood movie?

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8. The debut song of Ali Zafar was for film:

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9. Which one of these is not an album of Ali Zafar?

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10. Who is Ali Zafar's spouse?

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