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Abdul Qadeer Khan is a Pakistani scientist who is known for being one of the key people in making Pakistan a nuclear power which is why he is also known as Mohsin-e-Pakistan. Following is a quiz about his personal life and professional work.

Abdul Qadeer Khan

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1. After several years of house arrest, he was declared a free citizen of Pakistan in:

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2. Abdul Qadeer Khan has received which one of these awards?

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3. Abdul Qadeer Khan remains a popular figure and many see him as __________ of Pakistan.

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4. When Abdul Qadeer Khan returned to Pakistan for joining the Nuclear Program, the Prime Minister of the country at that time was:

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5. Abdul Qadeer Khan founded the Kahuta Research Laboratories in_______?

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6. Abdul Qadeer Khan was placed under house arrest in _______?

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7. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born on:

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8. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in which city of British India?

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