Missiles of Pakistan Online Quiz Test

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In order to make its defense system stronger the ever before, the Pakistan armed forces continue to develop and add new modern designed missiles to its weaponry system. Now you can test your knowledge about the missiles currently the armed forces of the country posses by attempting this quiz.

Missiles of Pakistan Online Quiz Test


1. Which of the following is a Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile?

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2. What is the length of surface to surface short range ballistic missile Hatf-III Ghaznavi?

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3. Ghaznavi is a:

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4. Which one of these missiles was launched successfully by Pakistan on February 11, 1989?

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5. Anza Mk.3 is a:

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6. Barq is a:

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7. What is the operational range of H-2 SOW?

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8. Babur (Hatf VII) is a:

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9. Which of the following is a Short range ballistic missile?

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10. Which one of these is a Anti-tank guided missile?

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  • komal sultana

    i want to join pakistan air force as a woman fighter pilot because this purpose i am doing hard work because i sacrifice my life our beloved country it is the responsibility of every citizen of pakistan they care of our country like mother care her children.
    rat bhar diay jaltay sooraj ko hm nay jo kandhay
    paon may andhayron k jo hm nay hain jugnoo bandhay
    khudaya jo bhi jalta nazara raha hamaray is lahoo say nikhra hwa
    zameen jagti hay ya asman janta
    ragoon may jo thera wohi beh raha hay
    salam on pay jo is zameen pay mita hay.