Famous Deserts of Pakistan Information Quiz Online Mcqs Test for Preparation

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Given below is a online quiz about the famous deserts of Pakistan. Having knowledge about them is really important as questions related to them are often part of various general knowledge related exams as well as interviews. So now you can improve your level of information about the deserts of the country by attempting this test which includes questions related to their areas and location.

Famous Deserts of Pakistan Information Quiz Online Mcqs Test for Preparation


1. The desert comprises of part of Mianwali, Sargodha, Muzaffargarh and ________.

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2. Which area of Pakistan is known as "Deserts Free Area"?

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3. How many deserts are there in Punjab?

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4. Which of the following deserts of Pakistan also lies in India?

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5. The desert in the Bahawalpur district in Punjab is known as _______.

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6. In which province the desert Kharan is situated?

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7. The Southern border area of Khairpur district in Sindh is known as ________.

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8. In which province of the Pakistan there is no desert?

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9. In which province the desert of Thal lies?

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10. Which is the largest desert of Pakistan?

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11. The desert covering border areas of Mirpur and Sanghar districts is called:

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12. Which of the following desert is known as friendly desert?

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13. Cholistan desert is also known as _________.

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14. What is the ranking of the Thar desert in the world?

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  • Irfanullah Dharejo

    Thar Desert. The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is a large, arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent that forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan.

  • Irfanullah Dharejo

    yup u are right mr. Sadaqat…:D

  • Sadaqat Hussain

    The Desert of Pakistan also lies in India is Thar not Thal.
    I agree with Muhammad Sikandar