Quran Pak Total Ruku Sajde Manzilein Info Online Quiz 2 Mcqs

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Quran is a Holy book which instructs in the way of life and obedience to Allah Tala not only for Muslims also for the humanity. Muslims recites Quran Pak easily through surahs and ayats. Quran Pak Surahs are contain ruku, sajde, manzilein. Their complete information about ruku, sajde, manzilein mcqs are given below.


Quran Pak Total Ruku Sajde Manzilein Info Online Quiz Preparation


1. Which Manzil of Holy Quran has the least amount of Rukus?

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2. How many Rakus are there in Holy Quran?

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3. The last Sajda of Holy Quran is in which Surah?

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4. The Holy Quran consists of how many Manazil?

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5. Which Manzil of Holy Quran includes the highest number of Surah?

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6. How many Rukus are included in one Para?

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7. At the time of the death of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) how many Huffaz were there??

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8. How many masjid name mention in Quran?

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9. How many times has the Qur’an emphasized on alms or charity?

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10. Who was the first Hafiz of The Holy Quran?

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