Prophets of Islam Information Quiz 1 Online Mcqs Questions and Answers

Given on below is a free online quiz about the Prophets of Islam through which you can check your level of knowledge about about the various Prophets of Allah. Having knowledge about this topic is extremely important because questions related to this are often asked in Islamic general knowledge related exams and interviews. So we strongly recommend that you attempt this and other related quizzes available on our website in order to prepare for such questions in best possible way.

Prophets of Islam Information Quiz 1 Online Mcqs Questions and Answers


1. The title of ________ was famous for Hazrat Musa (AS).

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2. The word "Adam" means _______.

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3. _________ was deprived of all Divine favours by Allah.

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4. _______ was sent for the reformation and guidance.

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5. __________ is the first Prophet of Allah.

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6. Allah expelled both Adam and Hawwa from ________.

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7. What do you know about Jacob?

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8. Who urged Hazrat Adam (AS) to taste the fruit of prohibited Tree?

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9. _____________ is the last Prophet of Allah.

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10. _______ fell upon Bani Samood.

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11. Adam is the word of _______ language.

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12. _______ disobeyed Allah and became defiant.

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13. ________ revived the dead by the order of Allah.

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14. _________ was the third son of Hazrat Adam (AS).

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15. Saif Ullah was famous for _______.

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16. The second Prophet of Allah was _________.

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17. Which Prophet is called Judd-ul-Anbiya?

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18. Which Prophet is known as Abu-al-Bashr?

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19. The age of Hazrat Adam (AS) at the birth of the Prophet Shees was _______.

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20. _______ was (were) created to remove the loneliness of Hazrat Adam (AS).

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