Islamic Jihad Basic Information Quiz Online Mcqs Questions and Answers

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The basic information test about various aspects of Jihad in Islam is given below on this page through which you can check your level of knowledge about it. Questions related to this are often part of different general knowledge related exams which makes it pretty important to prepare for them and now you can do so with ease by attempting free online quizzes available over our website.

Islamic Jihad Basic Information Quiz Online Mcqs Questions and Answers


1. The word 'Jehad' is derived from the word ________.

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2. The literal meaning of Jehad is __________.

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3. Jehad in Islam is not an act of ____________.

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4. The meaning of Qitaal is _________.

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5. __________ encounters took place between the Muslims and Non-Muslims during the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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6. "Fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you". This Quranic verse was revealed in _________.

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7. 'Help your brother whether he is the wrong-doer or the wronged', it is _______.

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8. The believer may fulfill the struggle in four ways i.e. by heart, by tongue, by his hand and __________.

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9. Jehad-fi-Sabil Allah is defined as ___________.

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10. __________ non-Muslims were killed in Ghazwat and Sariyas.

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11. One who tries to struggle against his self-evil is called _________.

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12. Qitaal in Islam is only for __________.

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13. __________ Muslims were martyred in Ghazwat and Sariyas.

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