Battle of Tabuk Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Mcqs Questions and Answers

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Given below is a free online quiz about the Battle of Tabuk to help our visitors in preparing for all Islamic information and general knowledge related written exams and interviews in a short period of time with ease. Having knowledge about the Islamic wars if extremely important as questions related to them are often part of various written exams and interviews.

Battle of Tabuk Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Mcqs Questions and Answers


1. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) donated all his property in the Ghazwa ________.

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2. Tabook expedition is also called ____________ in the Holy Quran.

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3. The Holy Prophet (SAW) stayed at Tabook for ______ days.

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4. The main reason of the battle of Tabook was __________.

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5. The flagman of Islamic army was _____________.

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6. The last military expedition was ________ in which the Holy Prophet (SAW) personally took part.

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7. In Ghazwa __________, Muslims came back without fight.

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8. The last Ghazwa of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was __________.

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9. The Holy Prophet (SAW) came in Madina in _________ after Ghazwa Tabook.

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10. Ghazwa _________ was fought against Romans.

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11. The age of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the Battle of Tabook was ________ years.

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12. ________ Muslims left Madina and encamped at Tabook.

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13. Ghazwa Tabook took place in ________.

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14. The Battle after which the siege of Taif was laid was __________.

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15. Tabook is situated between ___________.

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