Battle of Ahzab Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Khandaq Questions and Answers

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To help our visitors prepare for all Islamic information and general knowledge related written exams and interviews, below on this page we have provided a free online test which includes questions related to Battle of Ahzab. Questions related to various Ghazwa are often asked in various exams which makes it extremely important to prepare for them in best way possible.

Battle of Ahzab Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Khandaq Questions and Answers


1. ________ took place after the Battle of Ohad.

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2. The Holy Prophet (SAW) took part in _______ battles.

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3. ________ Sahabas (RA) worked along with Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) to dig up the trench.

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4. The piercing blast of cold wind blew in the ________.

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5. The religion of Banu Quraizah was _________.

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6. The Battle of Trench was fought in ________.

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7. The tribe which broke the treaty with the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the Battle of Trench was _________.

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8. In __________ battle many salats were missed and offered later on.

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9. ________ is also called Ghazwa Ahzab.

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10. _________ were spent in digging the trench in he Battle of Trench.

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11. The Holy Prophet (SAW) ordered to digging of trench on the border of _______.

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12. ___________ proposed to dig a trench.

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13. In Ghazwa ______ Hazrat Safia (RA) killed a jew.

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14. The Battle of Trench is also called ________.

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15. After the Battle of Trench, the Banu Quraizah agreed to abide by the decision of the man of their own tribe namely _________.

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16. The meaning of Ahzab is _________.

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17. The Battle of Trench took place in ___________.

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18. The diplomatic efforts of Naeem bin Masood were successful in the battle of _______.

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