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To help our visitors in evaluating their level of knowledge about computer software and also to improve it, given below on this page is a free online mcqs quiz about the important Window 7 shortcuts keys. It is strongly recommended that you attempt this test as well as the other tests related to it which are available on our website because questions like these are often asked in computer related jobs written exams and interviews.

MS Windows 7 Shortcuts Keys Information Quiz Online

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1. The shortcut key to delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first is __________.

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2. The shortcut key to Lock your PC or switch users is __________.

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3. The shortcut key for creating a New Folder is _________

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4. The shortcut key to search for a file or folder is __________.

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5. The shortcut key to Open Windows Task Manager is ________.

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6. The shortcut key to Switch between open windows is __________.

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7. The shortcut key to Move Focus to the System Tray is __________.

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8. The shortcut key to cycle through items in the order in which they were opened is __________.

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9. The shortcut key to rename the selected item is __________.

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10. The shortcut key to Minimize the window is __________.

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11. The shortcut key to quickly show desktop is _________.

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12. The shortcut key to Clear all but the active window is __________.

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13. The shortcut key to Clear away everything and show the desktop is __________.

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14. The shortcut key for opening a program as administrator is _________.

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15. The shortcut key to get to Taskbar Items is _________.

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  • the shortcut key to quickly show desktop is (Win+D) is right answer but ur Answer (Win+Space) is wrong.

  • your answer is wrong minimizd short key ke win+m and quickly go to desktop short key is win+d your answer is wrong