Computer Software Basic Important Info Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

Computers are being used in almost every area of our lives and that’ why, the importance of learning about their various functions and components has increased a lot. So if you think that you already know enough about the computers then attempt the following quiz in order to check your information level.

Computer Software Basic Important Info Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

Computer General

1. What is commercial software that offers a trail version of its product for a certain amount time before you buy it?

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2. API stands for:

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3. If you run into problems or questions with a piece of software what menu option should you choose?

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4. A backup program:

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5. What is an example of system software?

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6. A computer virus can be:

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7. GUI stands for:

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8. What are the two types of software?

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The operating program does what?

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10. Application programs do what?

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  1. Got 90% in first atempt

  2. can you tell me the difference of os and system software ?

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