Computer MS Word Shortcuts Keys Info Quiz 1 Online Important Mcqs Test

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To help our visitors in evaluating their level of knowledge about computer software and also to improve it, given below on this page is a free online mcqs quiz about the important Microsoft MS Word shortcuts keys. It is strongly recommended that you attempt this test as well as the other tests related to it which are available on our website because questions like these are often asked in computer related jobs written exams and interviews.

Computer MS Word Shortcuts Keys Info Quiz 1 Online Important Mcqs Test

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1. In Microsoft Word to delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin

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2. What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have?

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3. In Microsoft Word system to copy something the following shortcut is used

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4. In Microsoft Word shortcut CTRL while dragging an item

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5. What type of software is used for creating letters papers and other documents?

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6. In Microsoft Word shortcut DELETE is for

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7. What does Ctrl + B shortcut accomplish in Ms-Word?

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8. In Microsoft Word shortcut key CTRL+R is used for

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9. Graphics for word processor

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10. What is the file extension of Ms-Word97- 2003 document?

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11. Why are headers and footers used in document?

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12. What does the Ctrl + I shortcut key accomplish in Ms-Word?

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13. In Microsoft Word shortcut key CTRL+W is used for

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14. A program which helps to create written document and lets you go back and make corrections as necessary

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15. In Microsoft Word shortcut CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item

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16. In Microsoft Word shortcut SHIFT+DELETE is used for

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17. In Microsoft Word to cut something the following shortcut is used

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18. Which of the following shortcut key is used to check spelling?

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19. In Microsoft Word move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word

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20. In Microsoft Word shortcut CTRL+Z is for

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