Computer MS Windows OS Quiz 2 Online GK Questions and Answers

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Here we have given a free online quiz about the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) which includes questions related to the various functions of the computer MS Windows. You can attempt this test in order to check your level of knowledge related to it and also improve it.

Computer MS Windows OS Quiz 2 Online GK Questions and Answers

Computer General

1. The area that contains My Computer, My Documents and Recycle Bin folder is:

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2. Shutdown option exists in:

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3. Add New Hardware option exist in:

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4. Word Pad is a part of:

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5. The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to  Recycle Bin is:

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6. Microsoft Windows 2000 is:

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7. The upper most bar showing the name of the application is called:

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8. Minimize, Maximize and Close button are called:

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9. All the files deleted from computer are stored in:

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10. The shortcut key to close selected window is:

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11. The shortcut key for renaming file and folder is:

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12. Which side has Start Menu button placed on the taskbar?

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13. In Windows 7, files and folders are represented as:

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14. By default the bar located at the bottom of the Desktop is:

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15. Which of the following does not exist in taskbar?

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