Computer Basic Information Online Test 2 MCQ Important Question Answer

Gotest Instruction for Test Online
Computer General Knowledge: Computer Basic Information
Test No: 02 Exam: For All Entry Test and NTS Test
Subject: Computer
Test Type: Mcq’s Options/Fill in the Blank/Short Question Answers
For: All Students and Professional
Time: 30 Minutes
Total Quiz: 20
Total Marks: 40 (2 For Each Question)
Test For: All Candidates who are going to appear in a Test for Admission or a Job.
Here we have provided Online Test about Computer Basic Information. The modern era us all about computers so one needs to have at least basic knowledge about computers. The questions about computers are asked in almost every tests whether it is for admission in some institutes or for recruitment purposes. We strongly recommend to all of our visitors that they attempt these tests more than one time after completing the preparation so that you can prepare for the actual exam in the best possible way.
Test Helpful For: These Test are Useful for

  • NTS Test
  • Universities Entry Test
  • Educators Test in Pakistan
  • Forces Test (Army, Navy, PAF, Ranger, ISSB)
  • Police Test (Punjab, KPK, Federal, Balochistan, Sindh, Anti Terrorism Force)

Exam that are mentioned above.Candidates who want to Appear in any above Test can now prepare their Exam here through our Online Testing service.

Note:- Please Click Below on START TEST BUTTON to Attempt this Test Online. And After Completing Test Form please click on SHOW RESULT BUTTON Below Test to Your Grades and Results Card. You Can attempt any test more then one time for Better Preparation.

Computer Basic Information Online Test 2 MCQ Important Question Answer

This quiz must be completed in 20 minutes.

Rate and also share Your Ideas and Suggestion about the Test, Below in Comments Section. If you find any mistake in a test, kindly do mention the complete question and correct answer in the comments section under that test. Your comments will help us a lot in making our online testing service more accurate and reliable.



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  • Muhammad Nouman Razzaq

    Alhamdulillah..!!! i got 75% in first attempt.

  • farwa

    WoW! I got 85% marks .

  • Muhammad waheed

    I got 95% marks in first time attempt

  • I got 85% marks .

  • Hafiz Adnan Ali

    70% in 1st attempt

  • Fateh said

    Wow i got 85% numbers for the first time in the test ever….

  • samina

    Wow! I got 80 percent in test

  • Mumtaz Ali

    I got 65 % in first attempt

  • G.R.Azad

    Wow I got 25% marks

  • Khawar Sial

    WOW I got 100% Marks 🙂

  • Noman Ali

    Wow I got 15% marks

  • m zaman m zaman

    Wao I get 100% marks


  • Hina Shaheen

    WOWW I got 100% marks

    • Khawar Sial

      i think this test is very easy?

  • Muhammad Touqeer

    I got 100% marks

    • Khawar Sial


  • Asim Ali

    Here I Go………………:)

  • Ali Haider

    I got 100% marks

  • Hassan Naqvi

    Dear GOTest team:
    i your online MCQ’s test’s their are some Mistake’s. i show you only One. plz correct this types of Mistakes …
    Question 20: who is th father of computer science.
    Answer: Alan Turing
    your right answer is: Charles Babbage but (he is a father of COMPUTER not a Computer science….
    Got it………….

    • Asim Ali

      Father of Computer is Babbage Answer is right in GOTest… Alan Turing is the father of modern computer sciences he worked on algorithms and mathematical calculations dude.