Solve Puzzle 3 Test Online

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Given below is a online puzzle test which can be attempted in order to evaluate and also improve your problem solving skills. Each question is followed by four options out of which you are required to identify the correct one in order to solve the puzzle according to the given situation.

Solve Puzzle 3 Test Online


1. Complete the word using the same four letters after each of the following:

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2. Look at the following drawing. There are many different triangle. Let us see how many you can find in one minute.

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3. Line up six glasses in a row on your table. Fill the first three glasses with water while the next three are empty. You are to change the order of the glasses in such a way that the first glass is filled with water, the second is empty, the third is filled, the fourth is empty, the fifth is filled and the sixth is empty. This sound is very simple but you are allowed to move only one of the glasses.

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