Check are You a good Friend or bad Friend Quiz online

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Want to know about how good or bad you are when it comes to being a friend with somebody then just attempt the following quiz in order to see that where do you rank over our Friendship scale.

Are You a good or bad Friend

Check are You a good Friend or bad Friend Quiz online

1. You've lent money to a friend in the past and he has never paid you back. The same friend gets in trouble and asks to borrow more money. Do you lend it to him?
2. Do you usually remember your best friend's birthday?
3. Would you lend your friend your favorite outfit without question?
4. Would you ever go on a date with someone you weren't attracted to in order to help your friend hook up with someone they were interested in?
5. A good friend is getting married in an exotic far away location. You do not have the money to go. Do you:




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3 Responses to “Check are You a good Friend or bad Friend Quiz online”

  1. Mazhar Gondal

    Jun 08. 2016

    Guest! You are “Extremely Good Friend”

    Personality Test : The Friendship Test

    Total Questions : 5

    Total Points : 20

    Your Test Score : 20

    Points Distribution :

    Test Grade Points

    Extremely Good Friend 16 or Above

    Just Normal Friend Between 11 to 15

    Not Interested in Friendship 10 or Below

    Final Comments:

    Your quiz result clearly reflects the facts that you friends are extremely important for you and they always remain over the top of your priority list. Whenever a friend needs your any kind of help, you are always there to support him even at the cost of suffering a loss yourself. Although there is nothing bad in helping others, but so much commitment can also have negative outcomes and people may start taking advantage of you or get nothing in return of your efforts.

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  2. Arif Ali RicapicXn

    Apr 23. 2016

    i got just 15

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  3. adil baloch kalagain

    Apr 15. 2016

    fail;fail;fail;fail;fail; ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wafa is a darty

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