Are You a Lazy or Active Person? Personality Test

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Attempt the free online quiz given below in order to check whether you are a lazy or active person when it comes to your daily routine life. The following test will allow you to learn about your current position so that you can identify the areas which require improvement.

Are You a Lazy or Active Person

Are You a Lazy or Active Person? Personality Test

1. You take the last drop of water out of the water cooler. There is a full bottle sitting right next to it - do you replace it?
2. Your bank's ATM machine is a mile away from your house, but there's an even closer ATM that charges you a service fee. Do you drive to the closer ATM and deal with the fee?
3. Do you wait for elevators even though the stairs are quicker?
4. Are there any empty shampoo bottles in your shower?
5. Would you wake up at 5 A.M. every morning for two months to drink an 'experimental' water that could dramatically slow down the aging process?




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