Anger Level Personality Test Online

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These days, learning and understanding about your own personality has become quite necessary as it is the only way to improve yourself. So click on the start button below in order to attempt the online test which will tell you about the your current level of anger in your personality.

Anger Level Personality Test Online

1. If you could break the legs of someone you despised without getting caught, would you do it?
2. Despite your repeated appeals, your neighbor keeps you up all night with loud music. If you could get away with it, would you cause damage to his property?
3. Would you turn around and yell, 'Shut the hell up, you moron!' at someone talking in a movie theater?
4. Do you agree with the following statement? 'Anyone who publicly humiliates me will live to regret it.'
5. Have you ever bought a suck-up gift to make up for one of your angry outbursts?




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  • Yes, I am cool minded person & I cool down other person’s mind also by the help of Allah.

  • Nabeela Malik

    i got 17

  • salar

    i got 15

  • hifza

    i got 14 🙂

  • Atif noor

    I got 18 ?????

  • Saireen Khan

    I got 19

  • Arif Ali RicapicXn

    i got 16

    • i’m confused whether my answer is correct or not because my answer have not submit please you tell me?