Non Verbal Intelligence Test 5 Online For Joining Army Navy PAF ISSB Armed Forces Preparation

Gotest Instruction for Test Online
Non Verbal Intelligence Test: Nonverbal Test 5
Test No: 05 Exam: For Joining Army Navy PAF ISSB Armed Forces
Subject: Intelligence
Test Type: Intelligence Pictures Tests
For: All Armed Forces Joining Candidates
Time: 20 Minutes
Total Quiz: 7 Total Marks: 14 (2 For Each Question)
Test For: All Candidates who want to Joining Army Navy PAF ISSB Armed Forces
Now we are Providing Online Testing about All Non Verbal Intelligence Test in Pakistan with all in depth Quiz in form of Online Testing for better Preparation. We will provide here all Non Verbal Intelligence Test in the form of Right Picture Choice MCQ’s Test type you can attempt all test and check your score to understand you’re exact and real time preparation for Joining Armed Forces Test. Its Our Advice please attempts every test two or three time for better understanding. In this Test we have All Important Intelligence Pictures for Non Verbal test Preparation, provide all types of questions and answers to empowering your talent through online with free Test. It’s very easy to access and learn by GOTEST.PK
Test Helpful For: For All Candidates who want to Join Armed Forces as their Career like Join Pakistan Army, Pak Navy,PAF and ISSB. These Non Verbal Intelligence Test are consider compulsory to check candidates mental level and Senses to choose right options in any problem. These Test are Useful for

  • Join Pakistan Army Test
  • Join Pakistan Navy Test
  • Join Pakistan Air Force Test
  • ISSB (Initial and Final Test)
  • Other Jobs Intelligence Test

Exam for above mentioned Jobs ,Candidates who want to Appear in any above Test can now prepare their Exam here with this Online Testing system for real time preparation and check their Preparation level by our result score.

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 5 Online For Joining Army Navy PAF ISSB Armed Forces Preparation

This quiz must be completed in 20 minutes.

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  • Babar sahito

    I GOT 86%

  • kumail haider

    please give answers immediately

  • salman qamer

    i get it 80% …………

  • Ahsan

    100 percent in first try

  • Awais khan

    i got 71% supper

  • faryad mehar

    yrr mery page par test show hi nhi hoo rha????? koi btay ga asa keoo ha

  • I got 86% marks.

  • I got 86% marks.

  • jaikumar oad


  • Sharif Sherazi
    • Awais khan

      ya bro you are right it is true…..
      i also think that B is right.
      i m agree with you

  • Raja khan

    i get 57%

  • Edward Ktk

    hey guys plz have a look at mcqs number 3 :/ they just marked my D option as incorrect and are showing A as the correct one :/….. how can this be????

  • Waqas ali

    I got 86% first time

  • hamayun

    question no 5 anwer is wrong kindly check it admin option D is correct i think

    • Edward Ktk

      so what??? thats what they are showing as correct, if em not wrong O.o

  • Arif Ali RicapicXn

    I got 86%

  • Arslan Arshad Rajput

    kal mera test ha store keeper k leay
    pray for me

  • Abdul Qadir

    i got 71%