PMA ISSB General Knowledge Initial Test Online 4 Preparation

Gotest Instruction for Test Online
Test Name: PMA ISSB Initial Test Online 4
Test Type: Mcq’s Options
Time: 30 Minutes
Total Quiz: 20
Total Marks: 40 (2 For Each Question)
Test For: Candidates whose want to Join the Pak Army
 The PMA ISSB General Knowledge Initial Test Online 4 Preparation with easy login process You must Appear in this Test and Should check your capability.
Helpful For: The PMA ISSB Test for the Armed forces SO you can get the Online Preparation for the Subject General Knowledge Initial Test Online 1 for the joining Armed force it will be very helpful for you to get Easy Preparation Online.

PMA ISSB General Knowledge Initial Test Online 4 Preparation

This exam must be completed in 25 minutes.

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    please koi mujy bata sakta hy kh ya non verbal questions kesey solve kerna hota hy

    plz inform me…….?
    i am still waiting….

    • maanjony

      Yes You can Prepare Your Non Verbal Test Here Online

      Please Click on Given Non Verbal test for all Armed Forces Test and Prepare easily and effectively. Thanks Have any other Question or problem please ask here.

      • saqib hussain

        dear ya pics ko kesy chek kerna hota hy… bilkul bht mushkil hy

        • ABDUL REHMAN

          test dene k bad army maein kasay jaengay please give me answer

    • Kinza Khan

      bhai g yeah na aqal say hotay hain jo apky pas ni hai…:P

      • Fasihud Din Nauman

        acha g

      • Fasihud Din Nauman

        Have u joined for the army?

        • ABDUL REHMAN

          i want to join pak army

      • ahsan

        hahahaha exactly

  • Ibrahim Rahim

    with using the mind

  • ali

    plz translate it into english

  • bilal khan


  • Maavia Harris

    currency of Suriname??? GOD!!! who asks that? 😮

  • TaaLha

    74 p Grade A

  • Nadeem Khurshid

    This is not a general test it’s an
    “Azeem us Shan” currency test!

    • sittara

      sahi kaha ap ne

  • muhammad Babar Ali

    75 % A Grade

    • Zubair talpur

      Mugeh currencies ka pata hi Nahi

  • Amjad Khan Yousafzai

    badly failed only 25% hahahaha.Mujeh n currencies ka kia pta????

  • junaid khan

    please ask about the capital of the country



  • safia

    wallah itny difficult countries k nam

  • Ahmed AliShah

    So difficult

  • Saad Qureshi

    90% with two wrng answers 😀
    Dat was army’s test or a stock exchange’s nevertheless best beats it!!!

  • farooq

    25% aik he Currency ka pta Rupyea sub bra rupyea

  • usman

    try and fail don’t fail to try

  • Hassan Ahmed

    Got 90% 😉

  • dada

    your Test mcqs have validation problems please

  • Syed Ismail Shah


  • Syed Ismail Shah


  • hamza

    i have got grade.just passed

  • Yasir Awan

    I’Ve got 60%

  • Raza Anwaar

    45 % :)

  • Nabeel Ahmed

    please send me preivous test for asi anti narcotic force

  • Sajid Majeed

    i got 20 questions and all were about different national currencies. away from fact and were not flexible.

  • MN Khan

    i got C grade 1st attempt

  • gujjar

    A+ grade 90% haha

  • Hamza

    simply awesome

  • Waqar Akram

    Plz tell me about issb