ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

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In order to determine your suitability for commission in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force, your tests and interviews will be held at ISSB, So ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) test is conducted to ensure that suitable man is selected for a job in Pakistani Armed forces (Army, Navy and Air force, Rangers).

ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test Below:

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  • Maheen

    It’s logical.. We can take it as a AC air condintr or lyk that…
    By logically we cn say there is 1 letter between A & C..
    And two lettrz between h & K

  • honey

    anyone tell me how

  • Maha Eeman

    2 4 16 256 12 __
    Options 4 2 16 256 (Correct is 4) But How is 4?? Please explain sir

    • Maheen

      Under root of 12 is 4

  • nida

    r these questions for preparation of nurse assistant of paf?

  • nida

    r these questions for nursing assistant also? plzzzzz tell us

  • Shahid Khan

    i got 100% marks

    • Raja khan

      nice good lock

  • fahad hussain malik


  • usama zaheer

    after d 2 chars are missing same after a and after L but not after h after h one char is missing hence HK is different from rest

  • Saqib Hussain

    I got 85% Honestly !

    • Raja khan


  • Bano Qusia

    all others are only alphabets exception AC( air conditioner)




    sirf AC may ! word arha hay baqi sub may 2 lafzz arhay hay hay LO &*(MN)



  • Hassan Khan

    some one explain me PAF intelligence test anyone give is this r the exact type of same question come in exam

  • Syed Uzair Hassan

    oh great

  • Hussain masood

    Plz explain the question no 14…………

    • jawaya rajpoot

      Odd one out

  • Aamir Bozdar