Intelligence Test Online 2 Commonsense Questions with Answers

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Given on this page is a free online intelligence test which can be used by our visitors as a guide to prepare for various kind of written exams. As questions related to this topic are often part of written tests which makes preparing for them extremely important and now you can do so with ease through our website.

Intelligence Test Online 2 Commonsense Questions with Answers


1. Two boys were overhead discussing the number of of pets each had. First boy: "If I had one of yours, I would have as many as you". Second boy: "If I had one of yours, I would have twice as many as you". How many pets does each boy have?

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2. Th fronts wheel of a tractor are smaller than the rear wheels. Which of them travel faster?

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3. Take any number, subtract it for the sum of its digits, the result will always be divisible by:

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4. Sadia bought a camera and case for Rs. 120. If the camera costs Rs. 100 more than the case; how much did the camera cost?

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5. In took 20 days for all the leaves to fall from a tree. If the number of leaves that fell each day was twice that of the previous day, on which day was the tree half bare?

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6. Suppose you can jump 5.5 ft. high. After eating two slices of bread, how high you can jump? Your weight is 50 kg.

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7. In 2 hours, the minute hand of a clock rotates through an a angle of:

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8. wheel has 16 spokes. How many spaces are there between the spokes?

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9. Mr. Aslam, after extracting a promise from his pretty secretary that she would only answer in 'yes' or 'no' said to her, "You will not say 'no' if I asked you to spend the evening with me". He had her company for the evening because:

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10. A man had 11 buffaloes. All but 7 died. How many were left?

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