Intelligence Test Online 2 Coding-Decoding Questions with Answers

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Intelligence Test Online 2 Coding-Decoding Questions with Answers


1. If the letters ASHHGU stand for BRIGHT, how would you encode the word RIGHT?

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3. If RIGHT is coded as SQNMW, and BACK is coded UDJL, how would you encode the word BARK?

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4. If LPPHGLDWH means IMMEDIATE, what does PHGLDWH stand for?

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5. If ABCDLMN is decoded from ZYXWMNO,  ZMW KVZXV will be decoded as:

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6. If PZQTFZ = CAMERA and YDF = INK, then the code for AMERICAN is:

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7. If BPQWF = STEAM and FGZQ = MORE, then the code FQPZQ means:

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8. If FSTQP = HUMAN, then TST = ?

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9. If PQYOBX = METAL, WBV = SAD, then the code VQPBYV means:

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10. If 'we are coming' is coded as yg ctg eqokpi, what does yg ctg iqkpi stand for?

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