Intelligence Test Online 1 Sequences Questions with Answers

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For the facility of our visitors who are preparing for any kind of written exam or just want to check their level of intelligence, we have provided a free online quiz below which includes questions about sequences.

Intelligence Test Online 1 Sequences Questions with Answers


1. How many 3s in the following series are preceded by 6s and followed by 2s?
156 327 263 362 362 576 328

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2. Name the letters which precedes the letters which is to the right of the central letter in the word STIMULATE.

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3. How many letters in the line below come after K, but before the second R and after the first T?

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4. If 7th of the month falls 2 days preceding Sunday, what day of the week will follow the 27th of the month?

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5. If 15th of the February of a leap year fell 3 days following Friday, what day of the week will dawn on 10th of the next month?

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6. How many consonants are there between the second and the fourth vowel in the alphabet?

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7. The day that dawns three days after tomorrow is Friday. What day of the week dawned two days before yesterday?

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8. Write the letter which precedes the third consonant after the fourth vowel of the alphabet.

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9. How many times will you write the numeral 2 if you write all the numbers from 201 to 300?

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10. If the five vowel, AEIOU have the value of first five Prime Numbers respectively, what is the aggregate of such numbers?

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