Intelligence Test Online 1 Blood Relation Questions with Answers

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Intelligence Test Online 1 Blood Relation Questions with Answers


1. Showing the lady in the park, Sadia said, "She is the daughter of my grandfather's only son." How is Sadia related to that lady?

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2. (A) K is the brother of J. (B) M is the sister of K. (C)P is the brother of N. (D) N is the daughter of J. (E) S is the sister of M. Who is the uncle of P?

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3. B is the daughter of the wife of A's mother's only son. What is the relation between B and A?

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4. While walking with his friend, Tariq meets another man whose mother is the wife of Tariq's father's only son. How is the man related to Tariq?

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5. A retiring President was asked who would succeed him as head of the firm, and he replied, " The father of my successor is my father's son, but I have no brother or sons. " Who will succeed him?

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6. Looking at a portrait a man said, "That man's father is my father's son. Brothers and sisters I have none." At whose portrait was the man looking?

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7. K is the brother of Y. Y is the wife of Z. Z is the son of W. W is the wive of V. What is V to X?

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8. X and Y are two brothers. B is A's brother but A is the mother of X. What is B to Y?

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9. Aslam is the son of my father's sister's brother's wife's daughter's grandchild. What is the closest relationship to me that Aslam could have?

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10. A husband and wife had five married sons and each of these had four children. How many members are there in the family?

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