Islamic General Knowledge Online Test 5 in Urdu

Gotest Instruction for Test Online
Test Name: Islamic General Knowledge Online Test 5 in Urdu
Test Type: Mcq’s Options
Time: 30 Minutes
Total Quiz: 25 Total Marks: 50 (2 For Each Question)
Test For: Students,Job Seekers And Information Gainer
Helpful For: Candidates who want to Joining Armed Forces Like Army Navy PAF Police Rangers ISSB, Competitive Exams Takers, Islam Information Seekers, College/University Students, Interviews Preparation etc etc

Note:- Please Click Below on START TEST BUTTON to Attempt this Test Online. And After Completing Test Form please click on SHOW RESULT BUTTON Below Test for Your Grades and Results Card. You Can attempt any test more then one time for Better Preparation.

Islamic General Knowledge Online Test 5 in Urdu For Joining Pakistan Army PAF Navy Police ISSB

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.

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  • Haroon jani


  • nazeer naz jiskani

    got 80% in first attempt….

  • Maaz Khan

    I got 76% in first attempt.

  • Aurang zaib

    I got 80%

  • shah06

    Can any plz tell me GDMO test main medical related question huty hain??

  • Abdur Rahman

    I got 96%

  • Allah Ditta

    I got 72%

  • zahra shahid

    I got 80%

    • nazeer naz jiskani


  • Maria Naz

    so easy

  • Maria Naz


  • Muhammad Naveed

    Q # 13 ka answer ghalat h ‘
    Khidmat se KHUDA milta h

    • saeed khan

      Yeah u r right but they r wrong…………..

    • zahra shahid

      No they are four alhamduliallah,subhanAllah,Allahakbar and la illha il allah

  • zafar ullah

    First time have got 100% by the Grace of Allah almighty ,,,,

  • Sharp Shooter

    I Got 52% in 1st Attempt without Any preparation 🙂

  • Abdul saboor

    76 %

  • Bangash

    80 %

  • Mudassar Naveed

    ALLAH ka shukr hai hum ney 76%