Armed Forces Abbreviations List Online Test 2 Military Acronyms and Abbreviations Preparation

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Test Name:Armed Forces Abbreviations List Online Test
Test Type: Mcq’s Options
Time: 20 Minutes
Total Quiz: 20Total Marks: 40 (2 For Each Question)
Test For: Students,Job Seekers And Information Gainers
Here we have Armed Forces Abbreviations List Online Test which includes all the important abbreviations that every individual who wants to join Armed forces of Pakistan must know. By attempting these tests, candidates will be able to evaluate as well as improve their preparations for the actual exam as it is compulsory to clear a the entrance exam for seeking a job in armed forces of Pakistan. We strongly recommend all of our visitors to attempt these tests at least twice after completing the preparations so that you can prepare yourself for the actual exam in the best possible way.
Helpful For: Candidates who want to Join Pakistan Armed Forces Like Army, Navy, PAF, Police, Rangers, ISSB, Competitive Exams Takers.

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Armed Forces Abbreviations List Online Test 2 Military Acronyms and Abbreviations Preparation


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  • Syed Arsalan Shah

    here these are so simple,may these so simple be there

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    I got 95%in it

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    yes JCO for junior commission officer

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      Do u wanna join army

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        Yes plz help me?

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