MDCAT Medical Entry Test 2018 Biology Enzymes MCQS Online Preparation Sample Paper 3 Questions with Answer

Test Instructions

Test Name : ECAT/MCAT Enzymes Test 1 Biology
Subject : Medical Quiz
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 25
Total Marks : 50
Total Time : 15 Minutes

MDCAT Medical Entry Test 2018 Biology Enzymes MCQS Online Preparation Sample Paper 3 Questions with Answer

This quiz must be completed in 15 minutes.
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  1. q k jab mene page refresh kia to same mcqs arhe te but agey peche te to kia ye important he k nai ????plzzz help me i m so confused

  2. can any one tell me that is these mcqs is useful for mcat test or not

  3. I have got 88% in biology subject only from enzyme.

  4. got 92% in first test excellent

  5. Plz give me good advice how can I pepper him self for next kmu

  6. hameed ur rahmam

    I like pak army

  7. Assalam o alakium

    Some one can send me past papers of LUHMS jamshoro for MBBS

  8. Prepration of entry test with answers of biology. physics. chemistry . English please give me.

  9. Prepration of entry test with answers

  10. muzammil hussain qureshi

    thanx God got 84 percent in first attemp

  11. What d hack I have thorally read d chap but still don’t know many answrs they r out of book I guess

  12. I got 96% in my test..

  13. 84 percent

  14. 76 percent

  15. ho 90% in first attempt thanks

  16. Judt 80% in first test

  17. Amazing .. Too well

  18. Hopefully satisfied
    It is good turn

  19. what iz the criteria of aggregation ?? nd iz MCAT necessary ?? if yes then what is the % weightage??

  20. I have fild my form for mbbs from I selected option of mbbs from all medical colleges so it after mbbs I will be captain in pak army or mbbs from amc can be captain at Pakistan arny

  21. awsm one ….i got 92%

  22. Got 88% ?
    Just got confused šŸ™

  23. got 100%…unbeatablee

  24. 96% in enzymes

  25. 96% in enzymes

  26. You cannot get 98%…If your one mcq is wrong then your percentage is 96%

  27. 88 percentt…

  28. I didn’t know who and where to ask on this forum if I can get any entry test exam papers for 2015 or 2016 specifically for KMC? Thanks

  29. Salam, can someone please send me the exam/test paper for khyber medical college for either 2015 or 2016 any help much appreciated Thank You ? my email: [email protected]

  30. Since it’s not mentioned anywhere in sindh textbook of biology that co-factor is the only non protein part of an enzyme and it’s mentioned at the top of page that “prosthetic group is the non protien part of an enzyme. If it’s inorganic then it’s co-factor and if it’s organic then it is co-enzyme.” Prosthetic group is the right answer.


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