English One Word Substitution Quiz Online 1 Mcqs Questions Test

Given on this page is a free English online quiz which includes one word substitution Mcqs questions. Just attempt this test in order to prepare for various kind of written exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, NTS and ISSB.

English One Word Substitution Quiz Online 1 Mcqs Questions Test


1. Which of the following called the study of books?

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2. The science which deals with the study of the heavenly bodies is:

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3. That which cannot be corrected:

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4. A person who has a passion for stealing is a/an

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5. Which of the following is called the study of gravitation?

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6. The study of astronomy and mapping is called:

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7. One who firmly believes in fate or destiny?

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8. That which cannot be heard:

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9. Which of the following is called the study of codes?

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10. The study of earthquakes is:

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11. A person whose thoughts are turned inward and who never opens his heart to others

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12. A person who possesses both introverted and extroverted interests is a/an.

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13. The study of heavens is called

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14. The principle of living and acting for the welfare of others

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15. The study of rust molds is called

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16. Which of the following is called the study of precious metals?

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17. One who lacks knowledge?

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18. That which is not possible or credible:

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19. The study of gypsies is called:

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20. The study of venereal disease is called

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  1. there are many wrong answers. study of codes is cryptology not cytology.

  2. Is it showing this error to someone else, or I m only one….

  3. It is wasting my time……….

  4. Aghhhhh.
    Sucking bro…..

  5. I need help………?
    Disgusting man.

  6. Boooooo……! I can’t open test.. it is just showing ‘watupro 1530’ .
    Anyone know! what does it mean !???

  7. So many mistakes in these test.Study of books is bibliography not bibliology.Secondly study of rust molds is not uranology

  8. In question 18, study of heavens is called Uranology. Question 6 to be revised, since there is no correct answer for this.

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