Correct Use of Tenses Test Online English Grammar

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The Online Testing Services is providing you the Online Preparation chance. Prepositions (or more generally ad-positions, see below) are a grammatically distinct class of words whose most central members characteristically express spatial or temporal relations (such as the English words in, under, towards, before) or serve to mark various syntactic functions and semantic roles (such as the English words of, for).

Correct Use of Tenses Test Online English Grammar

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.


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  • Maira

    100 percent , much easy

  • kashif ali

    i have get 96%

  • haam daam

    i got 100%

  • badaruddinjatoi

    dear friends I got 100% I can’t friends wooo

  • Tanki Online

    I am 11 and got 92%

  • Nawazi Hussain
  • Zeeshan

    yeah! I got 96%…

  • bilal

    i got 84

  • Hassam Abdul Saboor

    Got 100%

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Piece of cake 😀

  • AG

    Itne aasan sawaal atay hain kia NTS main ????

    • ghulam murtaza

      ni bro

  • Happy Prince

    superb site for examine ourselves

  • Abdul Rauf Chishti

    96% but i don’t know why they didn’t correct my one answer. I chose given instead of gives but I got ‘gives’ in result.

  • SAud

    92 Percentage 😉

  • Tariq Akbar

    wao nice

  • Tariq Akbar

    i got 60%