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Given below is a free online quiz about English Active Passive Voice. As questions related to this topic are part of various kind of exams so we strongly recommend that you prepare for them in best way possible and in order to do so, the most appropriate free method is to use our online tests as a guide.

English Active Passive Voice Online Quiz 2 Test With Right Question Answer


1. The government might hold elections next year.

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2. They could not play the match due to bad light.

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3. Some people stopped the train and robbed the passengers between the two stations.

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4. Not may people attended the party.

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5. We have never seen such floods before.

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6. We shouldn't punish him for this mirror offence.

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7. We are warning you for the last time.

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8. The President did not pardon him.

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9. No one will ever know the truth.

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10. Your uncle could pay your fees.

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11. They will discuss this question tomorrow.

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12. They will keep all banks open this Sunday.

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13. No one has ever tasted this wine before.

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14. Someone has contacted him earlier also.

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15. Passengers must not open the doors of the carriage at night.

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16. They should open a college here.

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17. Nobody has touched this box.

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18. No one cast a vote in this village.

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19. They will expect you here on Monday.

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20. Dirty water can spread cholera.

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