Top 10 Best Boarding School/College in Pakistan

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The concept of boarding schools may have been a quite old one but its popularity has kept increasing overtime instead of decreasing. After looking at the success of boarding schools worldwide, this concept was also introduced in Pakistan and the number of boarding schools in the country has kept growing on continuous basis.

Although the education provided at these boarding schools is almost same as in normal schools. But one major difference is that unlike normal schools, students don’t go back to their homes after school timing is over. Instead they have to stay live at school hostels during their whole studying period.

Top 10 Best Boarding School/College in Pakistan

Top Boarding School and College in Pakistan

Some of the basic aims of boarding schools are to teach students about how to live and work as team, increase their confidence level, develop a sense of independence and prepare them for surviving in future life. Due to this concept’s increasing popularity among parents, a number of boarding schools have been established in various cities of Pakistan.

Along with creating the facility of convenience and providing more choices, the large number of schools have also made it difficult for parents to choose the most appropriate boarding school for their children. As parents always want the best for their children so in order to help them in making the best possible selection, below we have list the top 10 best boarding schools in Pakistan at the moment. You can select any one of these schools without any worry as they all have a very good reputation for providing quality education and preparing students for facing the difficulties of future life.

  1. Aitchison College, Lahore
  2. PAF Public School Sargodha
  3. Army Burn Hall College, Abbottabad
  4. Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur
  5. Military College Jhelum
  6. Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree
  7. Pakistan International Public School(PIPS) Abbottabad
  8. Chand Bagh School, Muridke
  9. Cadet College Murree
  10. Cadet College Kohat


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    I m studying in army burn hall anyone want to ask something about boarding rules and regulation he can contact me

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