Current Affairs of Pakistan quiz Online Test 2014 Mcqs with Answers

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Given below is a online test related to the current affairs of Pakistan during the year 2014. A large number of incident took place during the year which have left a major impact on the whole nation. Having knowledge about the current affairs of the country is extremely important because questions related to them are asked in all major type of written exams and interviews. So attempt our free online quiz in order to evaluate your current level of preparation and also add new information in your current knowledge.

Current Affairs of Pakistan quiz Online Test 2014 Mcqs with Answers

Current Affairs

1. Pakistan vs India Cricket Match was played in ICC T20 2014 CUP on?

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2. On May 9 2014 Which Pakistani Channel transmission banned by the government?


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3. On June 17 2014 Clashes between the Punjab Police and Pakistan Awami Tehreek activists results 14 Deaths and many injured in ?

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4. اپریل میں نائجیریا میں کس  شدت پسند گروپ  نے 276 اسکول طالبات کو اغوا کرلیا۔

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5. Taliban Attack on a Cadet School in Peshawar which Result 141 Killed mostly Children on ?

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6. In 2014 Eid ul Fitar were celebrated in Pakistan ?

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7. On 10th October 2014 Malala Yousufzai second Pakistani to won Nobel Prize in ?

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8. Gunmen attack Karachi's Jinnah International Airport resulting in at least 13 deaths in ?

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9. Pakistan formally launches military operation against the insurgents in North Waziristan on ?

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10. The process of Long March and Sit-In started by PTI and PAT on ?


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11. Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf survives an assassination attempt in Islamabad on ?

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12. کس مہنے میں مغربی افریقا میں جان لیوا ایبولا وائرس کی بیماری جس نے اب تک 7 ہزار افراد کے زندگی کے چراغ گل کردیئے ہیں سامنے آہی؟

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13. On 3rd March 2014 A men with guns Shot 11 People Dead ,22 Injured in Local Court of ?

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14. On 11th January 2014 Which famous Lawyers is nominated for an Sitara-e-Shujaat Award by PM Nawaz Sharif?

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15. On September 11 2014 ICC ban imposed on Famous Pakistani Spin Bowler ?

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16. Pakistan Lift the Ban from Death Penalty in Terrorism on ?

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17. On 2nd November 2014 Pakistan Famous Wagah Border suicide attacked, 60 people Killed with 110 Injured in ?

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18. On 26 August 2014 Javed Hashmi got separate from which Political Party ?


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