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Given on this page is a online quiz on the topic of Solutions. Being one of the very important subject, questions related to various topics of Chemistry are often part of different written exams and in order to help you in preparing for them in best way possible, the free online quizzes related to its various topics are given on our website

Chemistry Solutions Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The number of moles of solute dissolved per dm³ of the solution is called:

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2. Which will cook food more easily:

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3. A salt "X" is dissolved in water of pH 7, the resulting solution becomes alkaline in nature, salt "X" is made up of:

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4. The substance which is present is large quantity is called:

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5. Every sample of matter with uniform properties and a fixed composition is called a:

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6. As compared to molar solution, in the molal solution the quantity of solvent is:

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7. Crystalline solids, which contain water molecules in their crystals, are called:

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8. Solutions containing relatively lower concentrations of solute are called:

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9. A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more kinds of different:

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10. The sum of mole fractions of components of a solution is equal to:

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11. All the three states of matter i.e., solid, liquid, gas can act as:

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12. The substance which is present in small quantity is called:

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13. The number of moles of solute in 1000g (1 kg) of the solvent is called:

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14. A solution of glucose is 10%. The volume to which 1g mole of it dissolved will be:

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15. Molarity of pure water is:

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