Chemistry Reaction Kinetics Online Quiz Test MCQs

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As reaction kinetics is a quite important topic, so given below is a free online quiz about it which will help you in checking and also improving your knowledge related to this topic. Our tests include all the important questions and answers that have pretty high amount of changes for being asked in the actual exam which makes them the best source of preparation available for free.

Chemistry Reaction Kinetics Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Half life period of a first order reaction is independent of:

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2. The rate determining step is the:

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3. The example of a photochemical reaction is photosynthesis has order of reaction:

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4. Which of the following reactions occur at moderate rate:

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5. The unit of the rate constant is the same as that of rate of reaction in:

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6. When rate of reaction is restarted by adding a substance, it is said to be:

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7. Which property of a liquid is measured by polarimeter:

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8. A pseudo uni-molecular reaction has order of reaction:

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9. A zero order reaction is one in which:

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10. All reactions occur in:

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11. A white precipitate of silver chloride immediately formed on addition of:

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12. When NaOH solution reacts with aluminium in different physical states most rapid reaction occurs:

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13. Catalyst changes:

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14. Which of the following will affect the rate:

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15. The substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction but recovered unchanged at the end is called a:

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  1. shehla ali

    Sep 17. 2016

    87% not bad

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  2. Mushk

    May 19. 2016

    Whole test is very good for that thank u but there is one mistake plzzzz correct it
    The ans of” catalyst changes” is none
    The reason is that it just catalyse a reaction not affect any thing so correct ans is “none”
    Please check it

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