Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. When CO₂ is made to react with ethyl magnesium iodide, followed by hydrolysis, the product formed is:

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2. Monohaloalkanes have halogen atoms in it:

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3. Halokanes are:

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4. Trihaloalkanes have number of halogen atom (s):

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5. Reaction of CO₂ with Grignard’s reagent gives:

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6. Alkanes can be prepared an Grignard’s reagent with:

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7. Alkanes can be prepared an Grignard’s reaction with:

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8. Monohaloalkanes are also called:

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9. Dehalokanes have halogen atoms in it:

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10. SN₂ reactions can be best carried out with:

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11. Which one of the following is not a nucleophile?

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12. Grignard reagent is reactive due to:

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13. In primary alkyl halides, the halogen atom is attached to a carbon which is attached to how many carbon atoms?

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14. Alkanes with same number of carbons as in Grignard’s reagent can be prepared by its reaction with:

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15. Reaction of Grignard’s reagent with aldehyde gives:

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  • Nafeesa Arshad

    Reaction of Grignard Reagent with with aldehyde givs
    Secondary alcohol is right.
    because with formaldehyde it gives primary alcohol.