Organic Chemistry Aldehydes and Ketones Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Here we have provided a free online quiz related to the topic of Aldehydes and Ketones. Our tests are really helpful when it comes to the preparation of any written exam as they let you assess and also improve your overall preparation level in a short time period.

Organic Chemistry Aldehydes and Ketones Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Common names of aldehydes are given by corresponding:

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2. Ketones react with sodium nitroprusside alkaline giving precipitate:

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3. Cannizzaro’s reaction is not given by:

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4. Aldehydes and methyl ketones reacts with saturated solution of sodium bisulphate forming precipitate:

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5. Which of the following reagent will react with both aldehyde and ketones?

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6. Aldehydes react with tollen’s reagent forming:

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7. The reaction of aldehydes which are (is) base catalysed addition:

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8. Aliphatic aldehydes reacts with Fehling solution and Benedict solution forming precipitate:

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9. A base catalysed nucleophilic addition reaction will take place with a nucleophilic reagent:

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10. A substance having only sigma bond gives reaction:

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11. Carboxyl compounds have functional group:

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12. Which reaction is base catalysed?

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13. Aldehydes & ketones react with 2, 4-DNPH forming precipitates of 2, 4-dinitro-phenyl hydrione of colour:

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14. Aldehydes are oxidized to give:

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15. A substance having sigma and pi bond in it gives:

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