Inorganic Chemistry Transition Elements Online Quiz Test MCQs

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As Transition Elements is a quite important topic in Chemistry, so given below is a free online quiz about it which will help you in checking and also improving your knowledge related to this topic. Our tests include all the important questions and answers that have pretty high amount of changes for being asked in the actual exam which makes them the best source of preparation available for free.

Inorganic Chemistry Transition Elements Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Sr, Y and La belong to the series:

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2. Salts of chromic acids are called:

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3. If all the donar atoms coordinate with central metal atom making one or more rings in the structure is called:

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4. Wrought iron is prepared from pig iron by the process:

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5. Which element has maximum binding energy?

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6. Which period starts from ₁₁Sc to ₃₀Zn?

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7. Salts of dichromic acids are:

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8. Annually, amount of iron get corroded is of its production:

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9. 4-d series is in the period:

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10. 3-d series elements are present in:

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11. Hard steel contains carbon in it:

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12. Which element has highest melting point?

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13. 5-d series is in the period:

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14. Which has least melting point among the given?

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15. Which element has zero binding energy?

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