Inorganic Chemistry Periods Online Quiz Test MCQs

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As Periods is a quite important topic, so given below is a free online quiz about it which will help you in checking and also improving your knowledge related to this topic. Our tests include all the important questions and answers that have pretty high amount of changes for being asked in the actual exam which makes them the best source of preparation available for free.

Inorganic Chemistry Periods Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Oxides of metals are:

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2. Newland said, every eight element repeats properties of element:

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3. Hydrides formed between elements with E.N difference greater than 1.8 is:

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4. Most stable hydrides is of:

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5. Stability of hydrides in a period from left to right:

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6. Law of traids was given by:

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7. Law of octaves was given by:

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8. Sodium belongs to block of periodic table:

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9. Mendeleev was a scientist:

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10. Properties of metals are:

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11. Oxidation state of boron, aluminium and gallium is:

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12. Period number 6 contains elements in the:

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13. Periodic law was given:

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14. The non-conductor, usually gaseous and volatile hydrides are:

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15. Element with higher oxidation state form oxides:

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  • Noman Khan

    Every eight element repeats properties of element. 4th kyun??? 1 hona chaiye.!!!