Inorganic Chemistry Groups Online Quiz Test MCQs

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As Groups is a quite important topic in Chemistry, so given below is a free online quiz about it which will help you in checking and also improving your knowledge related to this topic. Our tests include all the important questions and answers that have pretty high amount of changes for being asked in the actual exam which makes them the best source of preparation available for free.

Inorganic Chemistry Groups Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Silicon atom is hybridized:

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2. The least important oxide of carbon is:

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3. Pb has inert pair of electrons:

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4. Which element does not belong to III-A group?

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5. Borax in water is:

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6. Borax occurs a natural deposits as:

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7. Which molecule is disatomic in nature?

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8. Borax is hydrated:

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9. Which is not the form of silica?

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10. Known oxide of carbon is:

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11. The molecule has triple bond in it:

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12. The slightly polar oxide of carbon is:

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13. Which is used in navigational equipments?

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14. Boon Aluminium, Gallium, Indium, and thallium belong to group.

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15. Formula of cryolite is:

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