Inorganic Chemistry Elements of Biological Importance Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Inorganic Chemistry Elements of Biological Importance Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Oxygen is present in atmosphere about:

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2. Calcium carbonate contains oxygen.

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3. Which property is not present in non-metals?

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4. Among group V-A elements, the most electronegative element is:

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5. Water contains oxygen about:

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6. Which property of oxygen resembles with sulphur?

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7. Which element of group IV-A does not use d-orbital?

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8. The brown gas formed when metal reduces HNO₃ is:

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9. What are non-metals?

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10. Silica contains oxygen by weight:

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11. Oxidation of NO in air produces:

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12. Laughing gas is chemically:

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13. Out of all the elements of group V-A, the highest ionization energy is possessed by:

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14. Which is an inert gas?

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15. Nitrogen is present in atmosphere.

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