Chemistry Atomic Structure Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Given on this page is a free online quiz which includes important questions and answers about the Atomic Structure. All the individuals who want to improve their general knowledge or are currently preparing for any written exam related to this subject can now do so with ease by using our tests as a guide.

Chemistry Atomic Structure Online Quiz Test MCQs

1. Alpha rays consists of:

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2. According to Planck energy travels is a discontinuous manner and it is composed of large number of tiny discrete units called:

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3. Charge to mass ratio of electron was discovered by:

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4. In 1913, Mosley used the x-rays to determine:

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5. Which of the following particles has longest wavelength, if they have same speed:

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6. The e/m value for positive rays is maximum:

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7. Maximum potential energy that can electron can have within the atom is:

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8. Neutron was discovered by:

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9. The nature of positive rays depends on:

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10. X-rays were discovered by:

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11. Which of the following was discovered first?

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12. X-rays are attracted towards:

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13. Max planck proposed quantum theory is:

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14. X-rays have same nature as:

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15. Which one of the following has the same number of electrons as an alpha particle?

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