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Given on this page is a online quiz on the topic of Microbiology. Being one of the very important subject, questions related to various topics of Biology are often part of different written exams and in order to help you in preparing for them in best way possible, given below is a free online test through which you can assess and also improve your overall preparation level for the actual examination.

Microbiology Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. In the classification system, the mode of nutrition related to fungi is:

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2. The study of viruses is called as:

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3. Polioviruses are:

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4. A virion is a:

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5. Pigs could be reservoirs to:

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6. A class is a group of related:

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7. Temperature phage may exist as:

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8. Retroviruses cause the disease:

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9. Carolus Linnaeus developed the system of nomenclature which is called:

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10. A set of related genera would grouped into:

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11. Paramyxoviruses cause the disease:

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12. Common cold is caused to human by the:

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13. Large groups are divided into smaller groups until the:

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14. The five kingdom system of classification was proposed by:

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15. Species is the basic unit of:

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