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To help our visitors in preparing for their all Biology subject related written exams in best possible way, we have provided a free online quiz below which includes important questions and answers about the basic concepts of biology. Just attempt the quiz in order to check and also improve your overall preparation level.

Introduction to Biology Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The study of life in seas and oceans comes under the heading of:

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2. The study of microorganisms which include bacteria, viruses, protozoa and microscopic algae and fungi comes under:

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3. Edward Jenner first developed the technique of vaccination in:

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4. The structure, mode of transmission, life histories and host-parasite relationships are studied in:

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5. There is a need for lead free petrol to reduce the:

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6. The list of plants and animals which if not protected would soon be extinct is known as:

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7. Evolutionary change often produces new species and then increases:

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8. Biology is the study of:

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9. It is very difficult to define:

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10. In 1997, scientists in Scotland succeeded in cloning a:

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11. Currently, the number of species of organisms, known to science is:

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12. Science is a systematized knowledge and based on:

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13. The environmental pollution in Pakistan is a:

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14. Algae have been found to reduce pollution of heavy metals by:

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15. What is the number of insects in percentage among known species of organisms:

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