Biology Human Physiology Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Given on this page is a online quiz on the topic of Human Physiology. Being one of the very important subject, questions related to various topics of Biology are often part of different written exams and in order to help you in preparing for them in best way possible, given below is a free online test through which you can assess and also improve your overall preparation level for the actual examination.

Biology Human Physiology Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Uric acid is produced from the breakdown of:

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2. The regulation of amount of water and solutes in the body is termed as:

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3. The maintenance of internal temperature of body within a tolerable range is termed as:

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4. The elimination of wasteful metabolites mainly of nitrogenous nature is called as:

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5. Marine mammals such as whales and seals inhabit cold water by having a very thick layer of insulating fat are called:

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6. The generation of waste is primarily done at metabolic level and these are called:

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7. Pyrogens displace the set point of hypothalamus above the normal point of:

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8. In humans, thermostat responds to changes in temperature above and below a set point which is:

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9. Plants use evaporative cooling to manage with high:

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10. Some mammals possess brown fat, which is specialised for rapid production of:

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11. Homeostasis is the central requirement in the maintenance of:

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12. There are three components for the control system in a living organism to maintain homeostatic balance which are receptors, control centre and:

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13. The reptiles and the birds inhabit and environment so excrete:

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14. The protection of internal environment from the harms of fluctuations in external environment is called as:

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15. The animal excreting urea as the nitrogenous waste are called as:

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